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The FreedomStick
Especially for people with little experience it is important to have simple solutions to break through walls. For this reason we present the FreedomStick. The FreedomStick is an ordinary USB stick with the TorBrowser and Torprojects software preinstalled.

Please notice: We don't offer the download of the FreedomStick software any more. If you need a similiar software you should use a more up-to-date version of the Tor Browser Bundle, which can be downloaded from the official Tor project at

(high resolution image, free to use if source CCC is mentioned)

Freedom Stick User's guide

Immediately after plugging the stick a connection to the censorship restistant tor-network is established.
Depending on your system settings, your autorun feature may be disabled. In that case, you have to open the file 'Start Tor Browser.exe'. Open 'my computer', and select the stick. You recognize it by its name and the onion icon.

Next, just click on the file 'Start Tor Browser.exe:

The 'vidalia' program is started. In the upper part of the window you can see how the connection is established.

(Fig: connection is being established)

(Fig: connection established)

(Fig: Tor is running and ready to be used)

As soon as the connection is established, 'mozilla firefox' ist started:

Congratulations, you're connected to the internet via the Tor-Network

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